Top 4 Ways to Drive Restaurant Sales During Summer

Monday, August 13, 2018

Summer is all about vacations and sitting by the pool- neither of which encourage diners to eat out at their favorite restaurants (like those with pagers). It’s the time to get creative and drive customers back to you during the warm summer months! June through August is the perfect time to get creative and focus on new ways to get people off the beach and into your restaurant.


If you offer outdoor dining- talk about it! People love to know where the local spots are for great dining outside during the hottest months of the year. Post about it on social media, advertise locally and soon enough- word of mouth will get all the locals on your patio! If you don’t have outdoor dining- encourage your to go menu for a picnic or party. Get creative and take pictures at a local park with a few of your most pic-worthy entrees and show your diners what they can do with your menu!


Summer is the time to wind down with a refreshing glass of white wine or fun cocktail. If you have alcohol- let your customers know! Moms will love bringing the kids in for dinner where she can enjoy a glass of bubbly prosecco. Think about your favorite things in summer and promote them online!


Let’s face it, our world today is filled with people on their phones constantly. Embrace that and tap into the smartphone world! Find out who your customers are following online… and follow that influencer! Start a conversation with them about dining at your restaurant. Trade a lunch on the house for a few pictures and shout outs. If they call your restaurant the new hot spot, chances are their followers will join in! If you want to get creative- have them take pictures of your newest cocktail or on your patio. Influencers are popping up everywhere and can be your biggest tool in advertising for cheap.


Speaking of being on our phones, create a social media contest. Don’t just have fun content for your followers to scroll past, ask them to get involved and reward them with a coupon, free slice of pizza or small gift card that they can only get if they come into the restaurant to pick it up. Give your customers a chance to win something and they’ll get out of their pool chair and into your restaurant to claim their prize!

Get creative, tap into your local market of influencers and step out of the box for some summer revenue drivers. Summer can be the perfect time to test out a new cocktail or peruse social media for the latest influencers to get involved with!