Restaurant Review For 2020

The restaurant industry changed more in the year 2020 than it has in the past decade. As restaurants and foodservice establishments began adapting to the “new normal”, they were forced to make drastic changes overnight. From food safety and operations to technology and reduced capacity, this year is one we will never forget. The restaurant review looking back over the past year shows that this industry is able to adapt at a moments’ notice. Restaurant owners and managers have also proven to be incredibly creative when it comes to feeding the neighborhoods of America.


COVID-19 made going out in public and spending time around strangers nerve-wracking. Scientists have been urging the use of masks, the practice of social distancing, and the routine of sanitizing since the beginning of the pandemic. This made many people hesitant about going out to once crowded restaurants for both dining in and carrying out food. Since restaurants don’t often have expansive kitchens, restaurateurs had to adapt quickly. This meant that in order to stay open and keep employees safe, regulations needed to be implemented immediately.

New safety precautions in restaurants range from constant wearing of masks and gloves to taking temperatures upon arrival and adjusting sick policies to disallow anyone who is feeling sick from coming in to work. Not only did ensuring the safety of employees become important, but safely serving guests became paramount. Almost every restaurant in the industry began offering delivery and curbside takeout. Many also got creative with sealing orders with stickers and creating new pickup areas of their restaurant for contact-less pickup. Food safety and sanitation have always been a priority in restaurants and it’s impressive to see the industry as a whole seamlessly add these additional safety measures.


Restaurants have been dabbling in the world of technology for over a decade. With the creation of mobile apps, online ordering, and even some robotic employees, the change has been gradual but necessary. With 2020, the relaxed approach to implementing new technology became inadequate. The beauty of technology is that once it’s mastered, it can be an incredible tool for you and your business. With society avoiding social contact and people spending more time online, the natural progression to technology went at a rapid pace.

The future is here and 2020 has made us and other restaurants across the globe fine-tune our online presence. Industry Today stated that restaurant owners are using more innovative techniques to protect their customers and staff than ever before. Through payment options, virtual menus, and anti-bacterial screens, there are many advanced ways restaurants can take advantage of the advanced technology of 2020.


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The restaurant review looking back at this challenging year is eye-opening. The restaurant industry has proven its tenacity and resilience and has found creative, safe, ways to serve their communities. It has never been easier and safer to order from your favorite local restaurant than it is today.