Meet “The Restaurant Diva”, Michele DiMeo, the face behind and co-founder of the MONTE RDG and Squisito

Restaurant diva and momtrepreneur, Michele DiMeo, is the face behind and co-founder of the MONTE Restaurant Development Group and Squisito Franchise enterprises managing Tuscan Prime Italian Chophouse and Dolce Bar, Squisito Pizza & Pasta, and Squisito®

Ahead of becoming a restaurateur, she graduated from Michigan State University with a psychology degree. Having set her sights on an illustrious legal career, she then began attending law school at home in Maryland. However, she took a hiatus from her studies to raise her children. One day, she plans to return to this sector and complete her degree.

Her early career started with LA Weight Loss, a move that lasted for 15 years. When she joined the business, the company had 79 stores. However by the end of her tenure when she had reached the position of Regional VP, the business had around 2,200 stores. In 2006, her next career step took her to the Siegfried group of Wilmington Delaware where she worked as the head of business development and recruiting.

By a twist of fate, she then met her now-husband, Gennaro. The two married in 2010, uniting both romantically and professionally. His family hail from Naples, Italy, where they grow their own produce and cook hearty, homely fare. Based on this tradition, the dynamic duo set about Monte Restaurant Dev Group and Squisito Franchise. Each restaurant serves up traditional family recipes from the homeland.


Since starting the business, the couple have bought and sold more than 20 restaurants. Despite her industry success, DiMeo takes a hands-on approach to the business. Instead of working behind the scenes on the company administration, she is the “mouth and face” of the company. She is happiest when greeting guests at the restaurants and ensuring that every eatery maintains its stellar five-star rating. Fostering a deep sense of passion and love for her businesses, she has named every gray hair on her after one of them.

The future looks bright for DiMeo’s rapidly-growing restaurant empire. The business leader has revealed that the group plans to open restaurants in India and Dubai. Combining a full-service menu boasting traditional pizza and pasta with a drizzle of local culture, these latest openings are set to take the countries by storm.

DiMeo is a self-proclaimed family woman and values them above all else in her life. She has three children; two with her first husband who she shared 12 years of her life with and one with Gennaro, her partner in life and business.


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