Fresh Is Our Favorite 'F' Word

Squisito serves fresh and healthy authentic Italian flavors all season long. Our mission is to provide our guests with the best ingredients, whether it is our fresh produce and sub rolls delivered daily, our signature homemade sauces made from vine-ripened Stanislaus tomatoes in California, our made-daily pizza dough or our soft Grande cheese.


We hand-toss every pizza and top them with only the finest ingredients, and bake them to perfection in our 500-degree stone-fire ovens. One bite and you’ll be instantly transported halfway across the world to Italy, dining al fresco style on the hills of Napoli. Squisito prides itself on using only time-tested family recipes for all sauces, doughs, and pasta, because after all, Squisito does mean ‘exquisite’ in Italian and who knows better than family. Our time-honored recipes have been perfected over the past 25+ years since Squisito’s inception and will continue to be refined to present the best flavors to all of our guests on each and every visit.


This summer calls for Squisito favorites like the Margherita Pizza with juicy, plump tomatoes, aromatic basil, and one of the best mozzarella cheeses available. Eggplant is ideal for the picking in summer and we know how to do it right. Whether it’s baked within our Eggplant Parmesan, or stuffed with fresh spinach in our delicious Spinach Stuffed Eggplant, you can’t go wrong. When you think about Italy at this time of year, gelato comes to the top of mind, and this creamy, frozen treat is sure to keep you cool all season long – and we’re making it fresh at a few of our locations!


Squisito is providing authentic Italian dishes with high-quality ingredients at an affordable price that everyone can indulge in. We have creative pizzas, crisp salads, homemade pasta, and more, made completely from scratch, each and every time.  And, to top it off, Squisito Pizza & Pasta and Squisito Too will never serve you a frozen, reheated meal. Every single entrée is “Made from scratch, to order right from our Italian Kitchen!”. Fresh never tasted so exquisite!