In Crust We Trust

At Squisito® we have been perfecting our NY Style pizza pies for over three decades. As restaurateurs (and avid pizza lovers) we know the best way to do so is to focus on the core ingredients: cheese, sauce, and dough. We combine fresh mozzarella cheese, our proprietary sauce, and handcrafted dough to make our delicious pizzas. While we’ve already taken a deep dive into the amazing cheese used in pizza and are keeping our family recipe for the sauce a secret, it’s time to focus on the final most important ingredient, the dough. Every delicious pizza starts with a great pizza crust as it sets the foundation for the great flavors that top it. Because the crust is the foundation for every pizza pie, it comes as no surprise that 70% of pizza eaters say the most important part of pizza is the crust.

The basics of a good pizza crust

The flour is a key ingredient when making the best crust possible and we are picky about using the finest at Squisito®. Flour has the ability to impact the flavor, texture, and crispiness of your pizza and can turn any good crust into an amazing one. Almost all pizza doughs begin with the same core ingredients: flour, water, salt, yeast, and olive oil. A real pizza master uses the perfect ratios of each ingredient and proofs the dough (lets it rest and rise) just the right amount of time. When done right, the dough is the perfect texture to stretch, mold, and even toss to make the perfect circle.

Different variations of crust in Italy

In Italy you’ll find only a few variants of pizza that can be easily recognized by their crust and shape. The Pizza Napoletana is the most popular and is considered the original pizza, dating back to Naples in the 18th century. This style of pizza can be certified depending on if the pizzeria makes that pizza using very specific ingredients and an approved / meticulous method. The dough is left to rise for up to 24 hours and then is shaped by hand, topped with ingredients, and baked for 90 seconds in a blisteringly hot wood-burning oven. The fluffy crust is called cornicione in Italy.

Other variations that are popular in Italy include the Sicilian, a thick crust pizza with a sponge-like consistency, pizza al Taglio, long strips of pizza baked in rectangular pans, and pizza Romana, a flat and very-thin pizza that always brings a crunch.

American styles of pizza

The pizzas you see in America vary widely and many of them are named after the cities which made them famous. Our favorite style, NY Style, is actually a variation of Neapolitan-style pizza and is known for having large, foldable slices and a crispy crust. Chicago deep dish is another popular style and hails from the windy city. This variety of pizza is known for having a crust with raised edges like a pie and the ingredients in reverse. Detroit pizza is known for its square shape and extra crispy crust and St. Louis pizza is known for its super thin crust and sweet sauce.

Squisito® loves the crust

At Squisito® Pizza & Pasta we are proud of our delicious NY Style pizzas and huge variety of toppings. If you’re looking for a great gluten-free option, you can order a cauliflower crust and depending on the restaurant you may even be able to try our Chicago style! Regardless of the toppings, size, shape, and style of pizza you love, we’re sure you agree that having a great crust makes a difference. Click here to find a location near you and to check out our menu so you can give our crust a try for yourself!